Before tweeting, I was a nosey reader, but only for a few months whereas I’ve been reading blogs for many years and thinking “I really ought to do something”.  Well, here I am!

So, why do I tweet?  The short answer can vary on a daily basis, so I’ll give you the long version – I love it.  Someone is generally about for a quick natter or ‘water cooler conversation’ about a radio programme (Radio 4 or World Service), television (not reality), books, and of course, the weather.  If anyone had told me that the ain of any day (apart from Saturday) was to be re-tweeted or favourite by The Archers twitter account I’d have seriously doubted their sanity…but hey, as one grows older, one gains pleasure in such things!

Apart from brief interactions with people I would not otherwise meet, Twitter is a great educational resource.  Free academic journal article links are often tweeted by Sage Journals and many academics tweet links to their blogs.

So, why am I now blogging?  Well, apart from feeling guilty at reading lots of blogs and failing to act, I want the opportunity to write and share more than the restriction of Twitter allows.  I make no apology for my intention to blog intellectually at times and referencing materials only accessible via academic portals, but hope to remember to indicate this at the beginning.

I have an interest in Mindfulness Meditation, and this will be the subject of my next blog.


1 thought on “WHY I TWEET

  1. Sarita (@SaritaAgerman)

    Hi! I’ve only just realized that you have started up a blog. Hope you enjoy writing and sharing ideas with others. I’ve found it such an enlightening & encouraging experience and the connections I’ve made with other bloggers has been great.
    All the best! Sarita


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