Rewire Your Brain For Love

Whilst I have not been paid to write the post, in the interest of ethics, I was sent a free copy of ‘Rewire Your Brain for Love’ by Marsha Lucas.  The nature of aquisition has not influenced my discussion of the book.

Marsha is an American psychologist writing in an intelligent engaging style rather than the ‘everyone is in therapy’ American sitcom genre.  The book therefore is not a self-help panacea for all ills and a feel good read; instead, using her qualifications as a psychologist, Marsha takes the reader on a journey of exploration into how all brains function and react.

It is important to read and carefully digest the information in the first section and not read in one session.  The book is about re-wiring existing circuitry, rather like the electrician conducting a safety check and taking action where appropriate rather than gutting the property!  Marsha provides a guide in using what is in-situ, thereby not perpetuating any sense of failure the reader might already have.

The electrician, or expert, who carries out the re-wiring is the reader through the practice of meditation, or more specifically, mindfulness.  Marsha discusses briefly the scientific evidence surrounding the practice of mindfulness and whilst not directly referencing the sources, I have such reports in academic journals and can attest to the efficacy suggested.  Like anything though, it needs regular practice to work and Marsha explains this through reference to a patient previously introduced.  The case studies are utilised effectively and are easy to associate with in the UK.

This is not a book for those who want or need immediate answers, instead you need to engage and process in order to accept yourself and your ability to re-wire you own brain.


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